Frequently Asked Questions for “Walk with Me: Pilgrim’s Progress for Married Couples”

When did you first become acquainted with The Pilgrim’s Progress and has it been a well-loved classic in your life?
I first read the story to our children, using the beautifully illustrated “Dangerous Journey” version. I also enjoyed Cheryl Ford’s wonderful retelling in contemporary English.

Was there something in particular that inspired you to rework it for married couples?
As our daughters became adults, I wanted to share with them the hard but good lessons I had learned about living out the gospel in marriage. Since I’m a fiction writer, telling a story seemed the best way for me and Bunyan’s classic, with its focus on God’s word, was an ideal pattern to follow.

Where do you see you and your husband in this book?
In our own marriage, we visited many places in the book. We were stuck in the Swamp of Selfishness for a long time and struggled through the Plains of Distance. However, we eventually experienced the Healing Springs and the Warming Hut of Revelation. Thanks to God’s grace, we are now enjoying the Highlands.

Why should someone read this book?
Sooner or later a married person’s hope for ideal love meets the disillusioning reality of daily living. People are stunned to discover how selfish they can be (and their spouses too!). But many believe their faith can make a difference, and they are hungry for encouragement to help them persevere. “Walk with Me” applies the wisdom of God’s word to the heartfelt struggles of all married couples.

What’s your favorite section in the book?
It’s hard for an author to choose just one! Peter’s courageous act of obedience when he leaves the Honey Woman by the River of Unfaithfulness and returns to Celeste is a key turning point in his journey to the King’s City. Later, Celeste has to make her own difficult sacrifice when she climbs to the top of Skull Hill to gives up her expectation of being loved by Peter. Yet we see how these painful choices brought them closer to the King.

Do you see this as a book that can benefit engaged couples as well as long-married couples?
Absolutely. Many engaged couples think they will be the exception to the rule, while couples who have been on the marriage journey for a while can doubt whether change is possible.