Speaking of what’s inside the God box

September 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

“The human mind is perpetually busy trying to control things, trying to figure things out, 

clinging to the latest idea, 

grasping at the nearest straw.

 It works very hard trying to make sense of things by endlessly seeking to put everything into categories and boxes and systems of thought. 

Sometimes even God himself gets relegated to a category or a box in my mind rather than being free to be God in my life. 

It seems that my mind will go to great lengths to fix things, control things and defend against anything that would disrupt my carefully fully constructed equilibrium…

It’s not that the mind is bad; it’s just very limited in its capacity to move us toward the union with God that we seek. The intellect can set the stage but cannot provide the drama of true encounter. 

Our experience with human relationships tells us this: thinking about someone one is not the same thing as being in their presence. Knowing facts about someone, studying the details of their life, admiring them from afar is not the same as being in relationship with them or allowing oneself to fall in love.” Ruth Haley Barton in “Invitation to Silence ”

Great-grandmother and great-grandson

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