No more fake news!

August 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

We hear a lot these days about fake news–stories put out as being true when really they are just fabrications, wishful thinking, and sometimes outright lies. No one thinks fake news is a good idea. No one defends it. Everyone thinks in principle it’s a bad idea, including me. 

But I realize when it comes to talking with God, I naturally fall into a fake news mentality. I don’t want to admit to Him–let alone myself–the painful truth. Not surprisingly, this doesn’t bring me close to God. I stay hidden behind my mask, keeping the real me buried. This is not unlike the Pharisees whom Jesus called white-washed tombs: pretty on the outside but a very different story inside. And this cuts me off from His grace. Instead, when I am honest and transparent with Him, it opens up the way for His love, acceptance, and redemption to flow into my damaged heart. 

Renovation needed

“To relate to God in the honesty of yourself, your heart must be exposed to God. If you were angry, be the angry person before the face of God. Are you prideful? Be the person filled with pride before God. Are you selfish? Be the selfish person before God. It does not help to pretend you are otherwise. You’re not fooling God.” Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel in “Beloved Dust” 

The same upside and downside

“I only know Divine unconditional, radical and reckless love for me when I dare to approach God just as I am. The more I have the courage to meet God in this place of weakness, the more I will know myself to be truly and deeply loved by God.” David Benner in “The Gift of Being Yourself”

The hidden depths

“The willingness to see ourselves as we are and to name it in God’s presence is at the very heart of the spiritual journey. But it takes time to feel safe enough with ourselves and with God to risk exposing the tender, unfinished places of the soul. We are so accustomed to being shamed and condemned in the unfinished parts of ourselves that it is hard to believe there is a place where all of who we are the good, the bad, and the ugly will be handled with love and gentleness.” Ruth Haley Barton in “Invitation to Silence”

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