Speaking of life on the dusty road

March 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

“Let us pray for the company of all faithful people, for the followers of the Way, the Way of the Cross: for those who are asking questions, lest they lose the way;
for those who know all the answers, lest they become proud;
for those who withdraw from all fellow-travelers, less they become arrogant;
for those who are disappointed and discouraged lest they give up in despair;
for those who will not accept changes, lest they become inflexible;
for those who change with every passing fad and fancy, lest they lose their direction;
for those who have the spirit, but neither the will or the power;
for those who have the will, but not the imagination; the faith, but not the love;
for all these, hear our prayer, O Lord, and let our cry come unto thee.
For those who can withstand everything that life can do to them and be neither downcast or bitter;
For those who follow the Way of the Cross even though they see it only dimly;
For those who shine like stars in a dark world;
For those who stagger not at the uneven motion of the world, or censure their journey by the weather they meet or turn aside for anything that befalls them;
For those who by their steadiness keep us in the Way when we are tempted to drop out,
We are thankful, O Lord. Amen.”
Theodore P. Ferris

Dingle Peninsula 115

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