Speaking of being saved from death

November 26, 2014 — 2 Comments

“The underlying sin behind every sin is treason against the One who made us for love and flourishing. Sin is insanity and destroys what is good, right, and true. Sin makes no sense, is not rational, nor can be reasoned with. Sin thrives in darkness and hates the light. Sin opposes everything God loves and is compelled to ruin God’s plans and purposes to put this world right.

Though the whole human race participates in this defiance, God is unshakably committed to extending his healing grace as far as this deadly curse is found. … He does so, not by acts of military might or zealous terror, but by swallowing the curse like a bitter pill. He enters this fractured world, places himself in our guilty place and endures the strength and horror of evil on a Roman cross until it is fully exhausted through him. He bears the full blast of God’s wrath against all the powers of hell aligned against us.”
David Fairchild


“The salvation of God … stands on the sacrificial death of Jesus…
Sinful men and women can be changed into new creatures,
not by their repentance or their belief,
but by the marvelous work of God in Christ Jesus which is prior to all experience.”
Oswald Chambers


“That hand which multiplied the loaves,
which saved sinking Peter,
which upholds afflicted saints,
which crowns believers,
that same hand will touch every seeking sinner,
and in a moment make him or her clean.
The love of Jesus is the source of salvation.
He loves,
He looks,
He touches us,
we live.”
Charles Spurgeon

2 responses to Speaking of being saved from death


    This is the ultimate birthday greeting I could possibly receive today. Thanks, Annie!

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