How God pays attention to us

October 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Here is a wonderful description of how God pays attention to us:

“I never have to snap my fingers to get Your attention.
I never have to reel You back into focus.
I never catch You looking away, as though You’re bored with me.
I never have to repeat myself several times to make sure You heard what I really said.

You never interrupt me.
You never spin what I’m saying.
You never talk over me when I’m trying to tell You something.
There’s no one who listens as attentively, respectively, and compassionately as You.

I don’t need healing for deafness but grace for listening— first and foremost to You, Jesus.
You’re always speaking, through the Scriptures, and You speak only words of life.
What a foolish person I am not to hang on to every syllable you utter.”
Scotty Smith

As I read this I’m struck by the contrast between how God listens to me and how I often listen to Him–and to other people too. May I always have ears to hear.

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