Speaking of relaxing in grace

July 23, 2013 — 2 Comments

Three quotes from J.D. Greear’s “Gospel”:

“Like Zacchaeus, we will not be transformed by the command of Jesus;
we will be transformed by an experience with Jesus.
…Getting caught up into the story of Jesus changes our hearts.”


“Gospel change is the Spirit of God using the story of God to make the beauty of God come alive in our hearts… Having our eyes opened to see our part in that story creates in us a love for God that is strong enough to finally drive out our attraction to other idols. The gospel cures us of fear, dissatisfaction, and pride.”


“What being “gospel-centered” is really all about:
not moving past the gospel, but continually going deeper into it.”

2 responses to Speaking of relaxing in grace


    These speak life into my heart. I miss you! Looking forward to seeing you again this fall!

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