After the great storm

April 2, 2013 — 2 Comments

When was the last time you saw a rainbow? Not a Disney or cartoon rainbow, but a real sky-spanning rainbow?

For me, it was last week. When we left the house an hour before sunset to meet with friends, I caught sight of a multi-colored streak in the sky at the end of our street.

a morning rainbow in our neighborhood [Not the one I saw last week]

a morning rainbow in our neighborhood [Not the one I saw last week]

We turned onto the main road and I thought that would be the end of it.

But as we drove past the walls of 2nd/13th century ruins [aka the Chellah], the rainbow was still going strong.

2013 3 30 rainbow 002

The road followed the rim of the valley wall, skirting around the city, which turned out to be the perfect place to see a rainbow. There was nothing to obstruct our view of the rich band of color that spanned a complete 180 degrees.

2013 3 30 rainbow 014

Jack drove slowly and I kept snapping pictures as we headed down towards the bottom.

2013 3 30 rainbow 019

I had an urge to wave at the cars who were passing us to let them know about the spectacular sight. I wanted them to experience the beautiful miracle of sun rays refracted through drops of rain. “Look, look!” I wanted to shout. “Have you ever seen such a grand spectacle of color and light??”

The cars kept whizzing by, intent on getting ahead of us. Even at the traffic circle where everyone had to slow down, there was a lot of competition for their attention: billboards, traffic signs, someone cutting across the traffic flow.

2013 3 30 rainbow 021

I don’t know how many people noticed the rainbow that day. People who were driving in the opposite direction, or walking down a city street , or inside cooking dinner, would have missed it.

Our friends had missed it too. “Have you seen the rainbow?” I asked as soon as we got to their apartment. We went to the window, but rainbows never last long. All it took was a slight shift of rain and sun and the brilliant effect vanished, leaving nothing but sky.

“Oh, it was so amazing,” I said. I wished they could have seen it, but they had to take my word for it.

This makes think of the post-resurrection visits of Jesus. For 40 days he was like a brilliant rainbow that appears after a great storm. Even still, most people didn’t see him. They weren’t in the right place or they weren’t paying attention.
2012 6 19 rol rabat 106

But there were some who got to put their fingers in the holes made by the nails. They got to share a meal with Him, and listen to Him explain the scriptures again. For these witnesses, it was like seeing a rainbow, and the vision set their hearts on fire.

They became prisms of God’s light.

2013 3 30 rainbow 023

From that moment on, they lived to share the redeeming, resurrecting love they had experienced in Jesus. They told everyone they met how death had lost its sting. They couldn’t keep quiet, even when it meant laying down their lives.

What about you?
When did the Light of the World first shine in your heart?
Who is seeing God’s love reflected in your life?
Who are you inviting to ‘come and see’?

2 responses to After the great storm


    We saw this rainbow too, driving in the car! Glad we didn’t hit you as we were gaping at the sky too! Lovely!

    As for seeing the Light of the World, it shined first through my mom and then strongly through my resident assistant my first year at the university. She was hand-placed by my loving Father to live across the hall from me and reflect His love and joy. So thankful for His loving hand in using people and His creation for His glory and for our happiness. Alicia

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