Walk/Don’t Walk: what do you do with mixed messages?

June 29, 2012 — 2 Comments

It’s hard to know what to do when you get mixed messages.

This is what I saw downtown yesterday as I went to cross a major four-lane road:

To walk or not to walk, that is the question

So what do you when you get mixed messages?

I hovered at the curb and debated whether I should cross or wait.

Should I pay attention to the green man or the red man? It’s not a rhetorical question. If I want to reach the other side of the street in one piece, I need to know who to listen to.

I get other mixed messages throughout my day.


God says no:

  • “No stealing”
  • “No idols”
  • “No working 24/7”


Satan says yes:

  • “Take what you can”
  • “Worship what you want”
  • “Work all the time”

Sometimes it’s the other way around

God says yes:

  • “Love your neighbor.”
  • “Lay down your life.”
  • “Give grace.”


Satan says no:

  • “They won’t love you back.”
  • “God didn’t really mean that.”
  • “Aren’t you tired of being taken advantage of?”

Mixed messages whispered in your ear

We also get mixed messages on the individual level. Here are some of the mixed messages I am hearing:

God says, “Yes, work on writing.”

Satan says, “No, it’s selfish to sit in your office all day.”


Satan says, “Yes, hide your talent in the ground so you won’t fail.”

God says, “No, risk it all for Me, and if you fail, I will still love you.”


God says, “Yes, stay awhile with Me, put your head on My shoulder, sit at My feet and listen.”

Satan says, “No, don’t wait to check your email and look up that website. It’s just a little interruption.”


God says, “Yes, it’s ok to ask to ask someone for help. I made you to be in community.”

Satan says, “No, think of how needy you will appear, and how it will hurt when the person says no to your request.”


Satan says, “Listen to me. Who do you think you are? You call yourself a Christian, but look at how unloving you are and how messed up you are.”

God says, ” Listen to Me. Remember who you are. I have called you by name and redeemed you. You are My beloved.”


How about you? What are the mixed messages you’re getting today?

Who are you choosing to listen to?


Scooter stopped, listen to the green man.



2 responses to Walk/Don’t Walk: what do you do with mixed messages?


    Yay! I am not alone and I am not crazy! Thank you! Took a while to realise this when my Faithful Dad was telling me I was wonderful and faithful and obedient, while the rest of my family and friends were telling me I had lost my mind, gone crazy, was ‘taking it too far’. I am so glad I did not let the crowd dictate my path, they all disappeared from my life, but God did not, My faith held me tight and I am grateful for my Dad and God from the bottom of my heart. I wonder how the ‘rest of them’ turned out without him? How sad. :( I would hate to think of living a day in this world without him.
    I hear all the same mixed messages about my writing as you do. I will keep tyring amen!


    Great to hear from you. Listening to God is hard when people around us are going a different way. Glad have kept walking with God!

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