Jesus in Ordinary Time

October 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

We’re living in Ordinary Time these days, the liturgical period that comes after Pentecost. The seasons of Advent to Christmas and Ash Wednesday to Easter bring a sharp focus on Jesus: virgin birth, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension. The holy holidays come with special preparations and music and celebrations.

In contrast, Ordinary Time has a more general focus on “the mystery of Christ in all its aspects.” It’s the period when he grew in wisdom, and then went around preaching and teaching and healing. There are moments of excitement, but life goes on in its quiet daily rhythm, giving us a chance to step back every so often and reflect in simple ways on who Jesus is.

That’s what I did this past week, listening to two songs that describe the richness and fullness of all that He is and all that He does. I love the way they both encompass the breadth and height and width and depth of His character.

The first is an old hymn put to new music, Savior and Friend [scroll down to the third track]

Rest of the weary, Joy of the sad,
Hope of the dreary, Light of the glad
Home of the stranger, Strength to the end,
Refuge from danger, Savior and Friend!

Pillow where lying, Love rests its head,
Peace of the dying, Life of the dead
Path of the lowly, Prize at the end,
Breath of the holy, Savior and Friend!

When my feet stumble, I’ll to Thee cry
Crown of the humble—Cross of the high
When my steps wander, over me bend
Truer and fonder, Savior and Friend

Ever confessing Thee, I will raise
Unto Thee blessing, Glory and praise
All my endeavor, World without end
Thine to be ever, Savior and Friend!

The second song is a litany of the names of Jesus, sung in French by Chemin Neuf, a Catholic-Protestant renewal community that began in France. The video includes the words in French, but here is the English translation.

Alpha and Omega
The first and last
The beginning and the end

Only begotten son
First-born over all creation

from the dead, first-born
Jesus, Savior

Word from God
Word of Life
Word made flesh in Jesus

Him who comes from heaven
In the name of the Lord
God with us

Come, sing his praises
Come, adore him
Enter, bow down
Kneel before God who made us

Joy of Abraham
Son of David
son of Joseph
son of Adam
Son of the living God
The son of Mary
Beloved son
Joy of the Father

The Son of Man
The Son of God
Brother of men
the Child King

Image of God
Power of God
Glory of the Lord
Gift of God

Judge of the oppressed
Physician of sinners
Healer of the nations
The son crucified
Mirror of our sins
pierced heart
Jesus, Savior

The true temple
the Lamb that was slain
innocent victim
our Passover lamb
Bread from heaven
the spirit and life
the eternal covenant of the Father

Come, sing his praises
Come, adore him

Radiant star
Morning star
Sun of Justice
rising Sun
Sun of the Lamb
Torch of Zion
Light of the World
True light

Guarantor of the covenant
Husband of Zion
Consolation of Israel
Signal for the peoples
Standard in Zion
Desire of nations

Jesus, Lord

Church in Rhodes, Greece

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