Speaking of :Umbrella grace

May 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

Who do you thank for the map of your mind that charters the course of the day,
Leaving you room in this canyon of time, to learn what to look for and say?
Who do you thank for this mural of life,
the savor of senses sharp as a knife,
the privilege of poignant, the honor of right?
Who do you thank for delight?

Who do you thank for the treasure of home, wrapped in the real of routine?
The blessing of knowing your own flesh and bone,
and watching them wake from your dream?
Who do you thank for the structure of souls,
tied to each other from infant to old,
beauty so human, so holy to hold?
Who do you thank for such gold?

Thanks be to God for the wonder of living
Thanks be to God that it’s free.
Thanks be to God for the life you’ve been given.
Resting in mercy fragrant and kind,
a sacred design, living awe
Thanks be to God, thanks be to God

Michael Kelly Blanchard

“..Rightly handled, a gift is never detached from the one who gave it. Wrongly handled, a gift can be the occasion of selfishness, which is a common problem. But it can also be the occasion of a higher form of selfishness… Picture a particularly “pious” little child who was impossible to give gifts to, because he would always unwrap it, abandon it immediately, and run up to his parent and say, “But what really counts is my relationship with you!” A selfish child playing with a toy ungratefully is forgetting the giver. This pious form of selfishness is refusing to let the giver even be a giver…

There is a delicate balance here, but God is most glorified in me when I love what He has given to me, for its own sake. …God’s glory [is] over all, of course, but we still have to enjoy what He gives, flat out, period, stop. Otherwise, in the resurrection, God will be looking at all the billions of His resurrected saints, standing there contentedly, looking at Him, and He will say, “You know, you people are impossible to shop for.” Which is, of course, absurd and impossible. In the resurrection, it will be possible for us to be absorbed by God’s gifts in ways that are impossible to conceive of now.”

Doug Wilson

“Blessings at times come to us through our labors
and at times without our labors,
but never because of our labors;
for God always gives them because of His undeserved mercy.”

Martin Luther

You feed them from the abundance of Your own house,
letting them drink from Your river of delights.
For with You is the fountain of life;
in Your light we see light.

Psalm 36:8-9

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