April 6, 2010 — 2 Comments

After the sudden following
and the wondrous witness,
come the doubts and the questions

After the bold courage
and the walking faith,
after the spoken clarity
and the new name,
come the misguided impulse,
the arguments, the convincing denial

After the failing, the falling,
the long quick descent into betrayal,
he hears the piercing cry,
sees the silent look,
and there begins the dead day dark.

Until the light bursts out,
a song, a glory.

Running once more, this time back
to the waiting Friend
and a joyful meal of fish.

First comes the painful three-time check:
“Do you?”
“Do you?”
“Do you?”

Then again the holy call,
the sweet forgiving words of desire:
“Follow Me.”
The miracle of being wanted–still,

Ever after
he lives the humble answer of love,
obeying faithful tracks,
blazing the astonished route beyond.

Ever after
the rock holds strong
with power
and pouring,
revealing treasured wisdom
and knowing praise.

2 responses to Peter


    Thank you for this beautiful post.


    I love it! Especially, "and there begins the dead day dark" and "a joyful meal of fish." Really beautiful.

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