Holy week

March 29, 2010 — 6 Comments

We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday.

In the last month, the world around me has been going through an upheaval. It feels like being in the middle of a long earthquake, and the ground has not yet stopped shaking. My joy was mixed with sadness and as I sat in church, singing triumphal songs of praise and waving my palms, I thought about many brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering greatly. [see Compass Direct] Palm Sunday has already passed for them and following Jesus, they are living a different day of this holy week.

Some are living Monday:
*when the chief priests and the teachers of the law begin to look for a way to kill Jesus because the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching. [Mark 11:18]
*they are being questioned [Mark 11:27-33]
*people are looking for a way to arrest them [Mark 12:12]
*authorities are trying to trap them [Mark 12:13-17]

Some are living Tuesday:
making tremendous sacrifices like the woman who poured $25,000 worth of perfume on the feet of Jesus [Mark 14: 3-10]
*being betrayed by a friend [Mark 14:10]

Some are living Wednesday:
in silence, waiting, wondering.

Some are living Thursday:
*asking for the cup to be taken away but submitting to God’s will [Mark 14:36]
*arrested [Mark 14:46]
*denied by a friend [Mark 14:71]

Some are living Friday:
*flogged [Mark 15:15]
*taking up the cross [Mark 15: 21]
*killed [Mark 15:37]

Some are living Saturday:
full of grief

We are all waiting for Sunday:
to hear the words “He has risen! He is not here.”

6 responses to Holy week


    Beautiful reflections.


    I so appreciate your posts. This one gives me a lot to mull over this busy week.I will recommend it to others. Happy Easter!


    Thanks Ann for all your fine writing and reflexion, which I'm sure touches many. Andres


    How true!! Whereever we are in the week, we can look forward to the triumphant Sunday!

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