Speaking of: What will the neighbors say

March 20, 2010 — Leave a comment

There is, we discover late and often,
an arresting quality about your word to us.
We do not want to be arrested or even pause,
for our days are planned out.
And certainly we do not want to be arrested
by the authorities,
not for speeding,
not for trespassing,
not for shoplifting
Surely not for truth-telling.

Minister to us in our cowardice and timidity.
Set us to be as bold as you are true,
to meet the authorities who resist and arrest . . .
our ancient mothers,
our old convictions,
powerful ordaining communities
and last, even, city hall.
We bid mercy for those of our faith
who this day are arrested for truth-telling;
Your word is truth and we live by it,
frightened or bold,
free or not,
In the manner of His own life among us.

Walter Bruggemann in Awed to Heaven Rooted to Earth

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