Speaking of Connected

March 5, 2010 — 1 Comment

Mark Batterson on spiritual discipline:

Ultimately, God wants to sanctify your desires so you want what He wants. Nothing like living out of holy desire. But most desires start out as disciplines. And if you discipline yourself long enough, the discipline becomes a desire. I think the goal for all spiritual disciplines is that they would become spiritual desires.

I think the best analogy is the physical disciplines that result in physical health. Going to the gym starts out as a discipline, but if you keep going it becomes a desire. If you get out of the habit, it goes back to being a discipline again. That is the way spiritual health works. You don’t always feel like reading the Bible, and that’s when it’s a spiritual discipline. But if you keep reading, it’ll become a spiritual desire again. Then, if you get out of the habit, you’ve got to make it a discipline again.

John Piper on C.S. Lewis’s ever-relevant indifference to relevance:

He loved the wisdom of the ages, not the whimsy of the passing present. He called himself a Neanderthaler and a dinosaur. He didn’t read newspapers. He never wore a watch. He never learned to type. He did not own or drive a car. He cared nothing about cutting a good appearance and wore the same old clothes until they were threadbare. He was incredibly free from the addicting powers of the present moment.

One response to Speaking of Connected


    Does this mean my wife will begin to allow me to wear shirts and jackets that are a bit worn?Papajack

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