The old-fashioned way

February 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

Some wisdom from Jack Wald:

The old days were a lot simpler. If I wanted to check to see if anyone had sent me a message, I went down the hill to the mailbox and got the mail. If someone sent a telegram, that would be delivered to me. If I was not there when someone called on the phone, there was no message left. There was no answering machine. There were not too many places to look.

But today? I need to check the mail, although fewer and fewer messages come to me via snail mail. I check the phone to see if the answering machine has a message. I need to check my fastmail account. I need to check my gmail account. I need to check my aol account, which I am in the process of abandoning. I need to check facebook for messages people have sent to me there. I need to check skype for messages people have left for me there. I have to check my cell phone to see if someone has sent a message. There have been times when I have been talking to someone via the computer and our fixed phone rings. So I have one earphone on each ear and then it has happened that my cell phone also rings and I have no ears left.

I get so busy talking and checking for messages that I forget to check to see if God has a message for me. Why doesn’t God adapt to the modern technology? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go to your email account and discover God had emailed you with some encouragement or instruction or correction? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your cell phone would ring and there would be a SMS from God?

But although I am sure God is not confused with technology as I am confused, he chooses not to use it. God prefers, the old-fashioned, tried and true method of speaking through the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Because God loves us, he wants us to grow in faith and none of our technological advances seem to improve on his method for doing this.

So don’t forget to take some time to push away the technology and sit and read your Bible and think and journal and listen. It may be that God has a message for you that you very much need to hear.

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