Baby Steps and Kiddie Pools

November 5, 2009 — Leave a comment

I’m a firm believer in kiddie pools. I’m not the kind of person who just jumps into the deep end. I like to enter the water inch by inch so I can get used to the idea. Not surprisingly, one of my favorite movies is “What About Bob”, especially the scenes where Bob repeats “Baby steps, baby steps” as he tries to break through his fear.

So although it may appear that I’ve embarked on the six-month prayer challenge like a leap from the high dive, that’s not true. This morning I remembered that earlier this year, I followed a 40 Days Prayer Guide put out by some folks in England at “There is Hope”. The guide leads you to pray for a big issue for 40 days, with a daily devotional and prayer points. It was like having a personal prayer coach and it definitely helped me go farther along on the journey of prayer.

You can download the 40 Days Prayer Guide here:

They also have a 7 day “Try Praying” booklet designed for people who are new to the whole idea of asking God for help:”>

Baby steps, baby steps.

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