July 21 Dependency 101

August 1, 2009 — 1 Comment

This morning, I started to pray by saying, “I need You” and I felt a little–I don’t know–stupid, because it seems that’s what I say every time I go to talk with God, and I thought I should be beyond that by now.

But what God said back was “Of course you need Me. That’s how I made you. There’s no other way to live your life.”

That’s so true and it was a comfort to be reminded of it. I will never outgrow my need to be attached to the vine. I’ll never be able to flourish without getting fed and sustained by God. I can come over and over and over again, desperate and needy and He won’t be impatient with me.

In the end, I no longer felt stupid for being needy, only a little sheepish for thinking that I can become so strong and mature that I no longer need God.

One response to July 21 Dependency 101


    I used to think that the more mature I began, the less I would need a daily QT. The opposite was true. And it was silly to think like that–after all, I don't expect to mature out of my morning caffeine addiction. How much more…

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