Part three: It’s a Wonderful Life or How I’ve almost figured out prayer

April 14, 2009 — Leave a comment

But what about the hospitals?
The view of God as a supplier and a kingdom builder is fine for a certain kind of prayer, but what about other vital things, like someone is dying, and not just physically, but spiritually. I ask God to save that person and carry that person into the kingdom. I can’t do it myself. What is his response? Every time I asked this, his answer would be “yes”, ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’…up to the point of the person’s will, and then He would stop. He would leave the kingdom command center and go out into the street and find the person’s house and knock on the door. I’d be right beside him, telling him to knock again, and again. Then I’d say, “This person isn’t going to come and open the door. You’re going to need to break in.” And God would say to me, “This is the boundary I have set. I come to the door and I knock but I go no further. I do not force people to come into my kingdom. I have given you, and this person free will.”
This highlights one difficulty in asking God for things is the limits God has placed on himself, in giving us free will.

And the other big problem is the devil, who like Mr. Potter is who constantly seeking to bring down the entire town. He wants everything and everyone subjected to him. He wants Potterville. He’s constantly working against God’s plan, throwing up dust, illness, difficulties, temptations, distractions. He must just love it when people turn away from God because of difficulties he himself has brought about; he must be happy when we go to God and complain about the circumstances that he, the devil, has created. And for those not yet in the kingdom, he’s trying to harden hearts and bring spiritual blindness and deafness. He’s sending out leaflets and dropping flyers warning people not to open their doors and let the King come in.

So where does that leave me? In the end, I am brought back to trust in God–that He is in charge, He is good and ultimately He will bring his Kingdom to fulfillment. And He invites me to participate with Him.

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