Part two: It’s a Wonderful Life or how I’ve almost figured out prayer

April 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

God the city planner [aka the kingdom builder]
Even though God has an unlimited supply, sometimes, he still says no. Because he’s more than the cash supplier. He’s the city planner, the mayor, the king who is building his kingdom. So I come and ask for money to build a gas station. He might say “Yes.” Or he might say “No, I’ve got other plans for that piece of land, or, I don’t want any gas stations, or I want someone else to build the gas station. Or I want it built later. “

Though God has plans for me, I still have to ask. If I don’t ask, I don’t get money. “You have not because you ask not.” The bank manager doesn’t go out on the street and shower money willy nilly in the air for people to catch. He responds to requests. The king doesn’t go out and say “Go ahead and do whatever you want and I’ll be there giving you all the supplies.”

So then it seems to me the important part is asking…and listening…getting in line with his plans and asking accordingly. God is developing a kingdom and he wants it built a certain way–which is why reading His Word is so important, so we can learn and understand His plans. Not that I think he has everything is decided ahead of time though. First, God has allowed himself to be constrained by setting a boundary at the human will. And in giving us this freedom, I think he has also allowed a certain leeway in the execution of his plans—like a city planner may let people design their house facades rather than dictate the design. The city planner lays out the streets and decides on what is going where, but the residents have freedom and creativity to decorate the inside and do landscaping outside.

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